Bulletin: #LTB00857NAS5 On 2014-’17 Range Rover models equipped with the High-Performance Brake Package with 380 mm front brake rotors, the customer may complain of squeal noises when the brakes are applied under light stops. Related Articles - Brake Pad Errors and Mismatches - Power Steering Fluid Replacement - Top 10 Wheel Bearing Torque Tips

The cause of the noise is front brake pad resonance from the original brake pads. Land Rover has introduced an improved brake pad set (P/N LRO93886) to alleviate the problem. Land Rover recommends using a long-life lubricating grease for specific areas of the brake pad. Also, Land Rover recommends filing the top area of the new brake pad as indicated in Figures 1 and 2. There is only a 2º ± on the 45% chamfer. The brake lubricant should be applied to the edges of the brake pad as indicated in Figure 3. Audi Knuckle

Land Rover Brake System Squeal

Note: The bolts holding the caliper to the upright are torque to yield (TTY) and cannot be reused. The new bolts should be torqued to 133 Nm and turned 60º.

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The process of replacing the hub unit on a Tesla is the same as many cars and light trucks.

Only about 1.3 million electric vehicles (EV) are registered in the U.S. While it is not a huge number, it is a growing segment with many opportunities for independent shops. The most common EVs on the road come from Tesla. The Model S, 3, X and Y share similar drivetrains and wheel-end components like the wheel-bearing hub units.

Noise is a classic sign of a bad wheel bearing or wheel hub bearing. Determining why the damage happened may take some time.

Tesla’s air suspension is “smart” because it uses GPS information and vehicle speed to adjust suspension ride height.

The leading cause of IWE failure is water finding its way into the vacuum lines under the hood and in the wheel well.

Regenerative braking is a hybrid’s first choice for braking.

The Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC all-wheel drive (AWD) systems have been around for a while now.

The main culprit of friction material separation is typically corrosion.

The most common problems that occur in the master cylinder are wear in the piston bore and piston seal failure.

Hydroboost brake systems are self-bleeding if there is no other problem in the system.

Land Rover Brake System Squeal

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