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50 items in this article 11 items on sale! Silk Orchid

50 Best Artificial Plants 2023 | The Strategist

50 items in this article 11 items on sale!

While it’s easier than ever to buy live plants online, sometimes, despite our best intentions, those live plants become, well, dead plants. Artificial plants — fake plants, silk plants, faux foliage, or whatever you want to call them — offer a solution. They’ll never outgrow their pots, the leaves will never droop and turn yellow, and there’s no need to worry about watering or fertilizing. They’re also pet-safe and child-safe.

Like any living plant, artificial plants make a room feel vibrant and welcoming, and we doubt that anyone will know the difference once they’re displayed on a nice plant stand or positioned on a high shelf. We found some small options if you want to be subtle, like succulents and an agave plant — in general, plants that naturally have firm, waxy leaves make good faux foliage candidates, so succulents are a safe bet. We also found larger options for those unafraid to go all out, including a big statement ficus tree and a monstera. If you already have something in mind, use these links to jump around to the floor plants, hanging plants, tabletop plants, succulents, and outdoor faux plants we’ve curated below.

50 Best Artificial Plants 2023 | The Strategist

Artificial Carnations Go big or go home, right? Lemon trees can actually grow inside, and the variation in the leaves, along with creative potting on your part, are all you need to convince guests that this is real.