BlueBox Smart Locker Brings a Complete Parcel Reception Solution to Multi-Unit Buildings | UrbanToronto

Out of urgent necessity, the pandemic accelerated certain technologies and aspects of life only the visionaries were thinking about a decade earlier. Virtual learning and communications, hybrid working where the office was now everywhere, and home deliveries became the norm. In fact, during the ‘stay at home’ quarantine, deliveries became a lifeline, turning lobbies of multi-unit buildings into warehouses and increasing the demand for parcel lockers for residents.

BlueBox is a solution by Bluemyth Technologies recently introduced in Toronto that responds to the requirement for safe and convenient package delivery with its secure on-site smart parcel collecting box system, a new level of technology introduced for parcel lockers. Parcel Storage

BlueBox lockers offer a secure solution for home deliveries, image courtesy of Bluemyth Technologies

Powered by BlueBox Cloud Services, providing the hardware and software of its management system and user apps, BlueBox supplies an intuitive service flow and a convenient, secure and user-friendly parcel management solution for multi-unit buildings.

A carrier can unlock a locker by entering the recipient’s unit or phone number and put the delivery in a locker compartment. The recipient will then receive a nine-digit code available through the app via text message or email. At their convenience, recipients can then retrieve the delivery by entering the pickup code on the locker screen or unlock the locker using their phones for contact-free access using the BlueBox app.

Users can access parcel lockers from their phones, image courtesy of Bluemyth Technologies

“Smart parcel lockers, despite having been in Canada for many years, have not been popularized,” says Howard Huang, Chief Marketing Officer of Bluemyth Technologies. “There was no integrated system that offered affordability and ease of use. BlueBox Smart Locker solution offers the most intuitive and convenient system by incorporating the demands of residents, couriers and building managers. In addition, BlueBox offers the most affordable solution with a flexible pricing model. BlueBox has quickly gained recognition from the market in just over a year and this is why we have expanded to Toronto and other Canadian cities from our headquarters in Vancouver to fulfill even more customer needs.”

BlueBox Smart Lockers have many differences which have meant success in its segment including versatility in that it can meet the needs of all building sizes and even offers different colour options to best blend in with a building’s colour palette. There is zero down payment required with a monthly service fee structure that covers the smart locker hardware and free delivery, installation within ten days, maintenance and software upgrades for customers in the GTA. Technical support is offered with same-day replies within business hours and on-site servicing within 48 hours. For a limited time as an introduction to Toronto customers, BlueBox is offering up to a 90-day free trial, free shipping and installation.

“Existing smart parcel locker services in Toronto requires you to purchase and own the lockers which represents a significant upfront cost for buildings to bear,” says Huang. “BlueBox offers a game-changing business model which includes no upfront cost, zero owner liability and a monthly service fee model which includes the smart locker hardware, maintenance and software upgrades. BlueBox smart lockers can also start service on the day of installation.”

BlueBox comes in various sizes and colours to fit in any setting, image courtesy of Bluemyth Technologies

BlueBox officially entered the Toronto market in September and has been successful in building partnerships with developers, property management and rental firms across the GTA. One of the reasons behind its success has been the realization from building owners, developers and architects that smart parcel systems are an added-value amenity to be used in marketing their buildings. Smart parcel lockers have quickly elevated from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must-have.’

“The demand for smart locker services in Toronto is evolving,” observes Huang. “Recent projects show that smart parcel lockers are a crucial amenity for buildings and are being implemented in the planning and design stage by architects and developers. There is a high demand for a smart locker solution and we have seen a recent increase for these solutions being added within new developments and projects, as well in renovations to existing buildings.”

Just as virtual learning and hybrid working are here to stay, so are home deliveries and the demand for convenient, secure and technically savvy smart parcel locker systems such as BlueBox.

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