September 8, 2017 - AutomationDirect has added a line of cable and wire ties from the manufacturer SapiSelco.

Standard cable ties are available in natural, black and five colors, have rounded edges to avoid cable damage, and are UL 94: V2 self-extinguishing Nylon rated. Stainless steel tooth Nylon cable ties (with added Molybdenum) provide mechanical strength and optimal resistance to corrosion. Bungee Ties

AutomationDirect introduces SapiSelco cable and wire ties

SapiSelco specialty cable ties include UV resistant ties, metal detector readable ties (recommended in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry), pushbutton re-openable/reusable ties, buttonhole ties, screw mount tie to attach cable bundles to a support, Nylon marker cable ties with built-in identification tag, and double-headed locking cable ties for more secure fastening.

SapiSelco cable tie tools include cutting tools, collar fastening tools, and an adjustable cable tie gun installation tool.

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AutomationDirect introduces SapiSelco cable and wire ties

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