If you’re a cigar fan, you need a place to keep them so they’ll stay fresh and ready to smoke. But a nice humidor can cost you around $100. Here’s how you can build one yourself for a lot less.

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How to Make a DIY Humidor for Your Cigars

I decided to bring some cigars back from Cuba. They were super fresh—like, freshly rolled on the farm fresh. But they only let you buy in bulk there, so I needed a way to store them all since I don’t smoke that often. I knew a humidor was the way to go—they can preserve cigars for years if properly maintained —but I quickly found out they can be pretty expensive. After doing a little Googling and Youtubing, I came across the “tupperdor.” It’s a DIY humidor that works great and can be made very cheaply (especially if you already own some plastic food storage containers).

Building a “tupperdor” is easy. Here’s what you need:

All in all, you should be able to build your own custom humidor for less than $30 (not including cigars). I forgot to order my humidity controller when I first built my tupperdor, so it’s not visible in the pictures here. Don’t make the same mistake!

If your cigar enthusiasm has escalated to the point where you have multiple desktop humidors you…

When you’ve got all your supplies, it’s time to assemble your tupperdor:

How to Make a DIY Humidor for Your Cigars

Jewelry Display Acrylic Storage Boxes When you’re ready to light up one of your cigars, just open ‘er up, take one out and close the lid again. That’s all there is to it! Enjoy.