10 Places to Get Resin Supplies for Your Business

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Resin is an incredibly versatile craft material that you can use to make everything from home decor to jewelry. If you’re interested in building a business around this material, you first need to find reliable sources for resin art supplies. Here’s a guide. Epoxy Or Polyurethane

10 Places to Get Resin Supplies for Your Business

Epoxy resin is a versatile material that is becoming an increasingly large part of the handmade crafts industry. Consumers are constantly looking for unique gifts, jewelry, and one-of-a-kind items. Epoxy resin can be a powerful option for creating these unique items while also offering durability and scalability.

Before you can start your new epoxy resin business, you’ll need a variety of supplies, including resin molds, epoxy, heat guns, and safety gear. Here are some reliable sources for these materials.

Amazon carries a wide range of products you can use to build your resin crafts store. Their selection includes epoxy resin, resin mold shapes, plastic cups, and sealants. They also offer affordable prices and fast shipping on many items.

Etsy is home to a vast array of unique craft supplies. You can find custom resin mold products, colorants and glitters, and various materials to finish your products like paint and fabric.

Let’s Resin is an online store that’s completely dedicated to resin mold crafts. You can find various forms of resin, molds, and additives, along with guides and educational resources for makers.

IntoResin is another online store that’s specific to resin crafting. You can find various resins, molds, kits, and more. And there’s even a free guide for beginners as well as helpful blog posts on the site.

ArtResin is a shop that specializes in clear resin for artists. You can use it to cover paintings and other artwork to create a unique finish. However, they also offer molds and other supplies for 3D works.

Resin Obsession features a large collection of resin, epoxy, molds, and colors. They focus on premium quality products to help artists stand out in the marketplace. The site also features project ideas, tips, and inspiration from other creators.

Craft Warehouse is a chain of craft stores based in the Pacific Northwest. They have several in-person locations but also sell various products online. The inventory isn’t limited to resin materials, but that is one popular category with a wide array of options.

Michael’s is a nationwide chain of craft stores that offers resin materials and so much more. This is ideal for those who prefer shopping for craft supplies in person. And they offer coupons and online shopping options as well.

If you’re looking to pick up some resin materials in a place where you already shop, check out the selection at Walmart. The big box store chain offers various molds and additives perfect for beginners who want to perfect their craft. It’s not the most extensive collection, but you can find a decent selection in stores and online.

EBay is a marketplace site that offers an ever-changing selection of resin and craft supplies. There are tons of deals to be found, especially by crafters with overflow supplies. But since products come from independent sellers, there’s not a reliable inventory of specific items.

Before you can create your new store full of resin products, you need the right resin art supplies. Here are some materials you’ll need to stock on a regular basis.

Epoxy resin is a two-component system consisting of a resin and a hardener. When mixed together, they undergo a chemical reaction that results in a hard, clear, and glossy finish. It’s highly versatile, used for everything from casting small objects to coating surfaces. This material offers excellent strength and clarity, ideal for embedding objects and creating deep layers.

Polyester resin is a synthetic resin known for its quick curing time and hardness. It’s often used in making fiberglass, but is also popular in crafts for embedding and molding. Polyester tends to be more affordable than epoxy, but can have a stronger odor and is less clear.

UV resin cures quickly under UV light, making it ideal for small projects, jewelry, and quick repairs. It’s generally sold in smaller quantities since it doesn’t require mixing. It has an extremely fast curing time (minutes under UV light), but is only suitable for thin layers.

Casting resin is designed specifically for casting applications such as molds and deep pours. It has a lower viscosity compared to coating epoxy, allowing it to flow into intricate molds easily. It is ideal for larger projects due to its ability to reduce air bubbles and handle deep pours.

Doming resin is a type of epoxy resin formulated to have a high surface tension, allowing it to create a domed effect on surfaces. It’s often used in jewelry making to create a lens effect on pendants and earrings. The high surface tension allows for a beautiful, smooth finish that adds dimension to the crafts.

Alumilite is a brand known for its high-quality casting resins, popular in making pen blanks, figurines, and other small to medium-sized castings. They often offer fast curing times and high detail replication. This material is known for exceptional clarity and strength, and is suitable for both beginners and experienced crafters.

Mica powders are fine pigments often used in resin art to add shimmer and pearlescent effects. They can be mixed into resin or applied to the mold surface for different effects. This material provides a sparkling, metallic effect that can’t be achieved with regular pigments.

Alcohol ink is a specific type of colorant that works well with epoxy resin. You can add it to the mixture to give it a unique hue.

For those who want to give resin products a unique texture or shine, you can also purchase glitter to add to your molds.

Mold release is a spray that is used to make it easier to remove hardened resin from the silicone molds used to shape them.

Once you finish your projects, you can also use sealant to protect your resin crafts or add different finishes to the surface.

You’ll also likely need several different types of tools that will serve you as you create your unique resin crafts. From your ideal mold to safety gear, here are some popular options.

You can find silicone molds in a huge array of sizes and shapes to complete various projects. Silicone is an ideal material since it’s strong yet flexible.

A heat gun is a small, handheld tool that you can use to set resin and remove bubbles from the material as it hardens.

Protective gloves can keep your hands safe while you work with resin art supplies.

You may also use safety glasses to protect your eyes while you work with these tools and chemicals.

You’ll need a large selection of cups to mix your resin, colors, and other additives before pouring them into your molds.

Then use stir sticks to create the finish and texture that you want for each pour.

These provide a non-stick surface to work on. Resin does not stick to silicone or wax paper, making cleanup easier and protecting your workspace. These materials should be placed under your work area to catch drips and spills, making cleanup straightforward.

These are small tools used for detailed work, like placing items into resin or removing unwanted particles. Tweezers are used for placing and positioning small objects, while toothpicks can remove bubbles or adjust inclusions.

Precision is key in resin mixing. A digital scale ensures that the resin and hardener are mixed in the correct ratio, which is crucial for proper curing. It is used to measure the exact amount of resin and hardener before mixing.

These are used for adding small, precise amounts of colorants or additives to the resin. Pipettes and droppers help in achieving precise color or additive distribution, especially in small or detailed areas.

A UV lamp is necessary for curing UV resin, which hardens only under ultraviolet light.

For those creating resin jewelry or similar items, drills can be used to make holes or complete other finishing touches once the resin has hardened.

These are used for finishing and refining the resin pieces. Sanding tools (like sandpaper or a sanding block) smooth out edges and surfaces.

If you’re looking for resin art supplies for your next project, Amazon and Etsy have an extensive selection of resin, molds, and other materials. Check the entire list above for more options.

Yes, resin art can be sold at a profit. You can create a shop that uses various resins and containers. To make your business profitable, you’ll need to factor in the cost of materials, your website, marketing, and operating expenses when pricing your projects.

Resin’s versatility allows for the creation of a wide range of popular and sellable products, especially when handcrafted for uniqueness and appeal. Here’s an expanded list of resin products that often sell well:

Each of these resin products offers a unique blend of functionality and artistic value, making them highly sought after in various markets. Their appeal lies in the ability to customize and create something truly unique, whether it’s for personal use or as a business opportunity.

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10 Places to Get Resin Supplies for Your Business

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